Attention cat owners

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009 | Kitty!

Want to be your cat’s hero? Get a pack of these Wildside Salmon cat treats.

I got one as a gift. I have since renamed it “kitty crack.”

Norm’s always been a fan of treats, but I’ve never seen her go as insane for any treat as she does for these. I had to put the package in a cupboard the first night I opened them. She saw where I put them atop the bookcase and I was awakened during the night to the sound of Norm trying to liberate the rest of the package from its hiding spot. My elderly cat. Climbing. This was serious treat love, especially since she normally couldn’t care less about salmon.

So give ‘em a try. If your cat likes them even half as much as Norm does, it’ll be a total win.

(The gift pack these were in also contained chocolate espresso cookies for me. Norm & I spent much of the delivery day saying “Nom!”)

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You should also try the Grizzly Salmon Treats. They make them for dogs, too. Not being a cat person, my only barometer is the feedback I hear in my accounts, but the word is the cats – and therefore, the owners -really like them.

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