Miracle? No. Good luck and two excellent pilots? Yes.

Friday, January 16th, 2009 | You Call This News?

Salon’s got a nice piece in their “Ask the Pilot” column about yesterday’s US Air ditch in the Hudson.

There certainly was some measure of luck involved. I’m still gobsmacked they were able to get to the Hudson without hitting anything else, including anything on the river itself. But enough with the “miracle” and the “god” stuff. Two extremely competent and well-trained pilots did all the heavy lifting in getting that plane down safely and ensuring the safety of all aboard. And once they were down, it was excellent response time and training that got everyone to the shore quickly.

And not to take away from what Cpt. Sullenberger’s accomplishments, but he wasn’t alone in that cockpit. And his first officer, Jeffrey Skiles, was a Wisconsinite, so I’d like to throw him a little love. Nice job, gentlemen.

(Thanks to Vidiot for the Salon link.)

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…yet, every once in a while, people find some sort of “help”, in whatever form, that enables them to do things that would otherwise be beyond their skills. That’s the miracle. So many times, it doesn’t go the way it did yesterday. But this time, it did. Maybe it was a combination of the River gods and the Jet gods (excluding Favre).

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