Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind

Thursday, January 29th, 2009 | Fun With Teh Intarweb

I’m one of those people who loves to check out the SkyMall catalogs on airplanes. It’s a little slice of comedy gold stuffed in the seat pocket. So, of course, those commercials for the Slanket* are kind of trainwreck territory for me. I want to look away, but can’t. Must…mock…stupidity.

Which made this video for the WTF Blanket ever-so-wonderful.

Thanks, chicobangs. You made my evening.

*No, I’m not linking to the Slanket site. I have standards here, you know. Admittedly, they’re pretty low standards, but that product falls even below them. If you don’t know what it is, you’ll just have to Google it.

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you talkin about those wretched Snuggie commercials? The Slanket is a highly sophsticated product, made for those of us with distinguished tastes! The Snuggie is just repurposed asbestos made by toddlers in a Chinese factory.

[...] Funny parody courtesy of the Czeltic Girl. [...]


We even get Snuggie commercials down here. I fell off my couch laughing the first time I saw that whole family wearing them to the soccer game or whatever.


really funny – those things are so lame but I am amazed that someone was even able to put a company together around them. They remind me of something from a very outdated “futuristic” film where everyone has become some kind of homogenized android. I think it would be funny to see people try to navigate cars, bikes and even bathrooms with those things on. Maybe they could be the new outfits for our correctional facilities…the big boys would be way to embarrassed to escape in a suit like that.


For some reason,I keep thinking of Devo.


Have you seen the SkyMaul parody? It’s pretty damned funny.


Will it disgust you forever if I tell you that I saw those commercials and said “WTF? Pay money for that nasty thing? I can MAKE one”.

And I did, from soft blankets I got at Wallyworld. They don’t have the big monk’s robe sleeves, but I made a bunch for people at Christmas and they are soft, warm, and stay on when you go get your hot chocolate.

I’m thinking of making giant star fish versions with footies.

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