Another sign exercise and I are not friends

Sunday, February 1st, 2009 | Life in Czeltistan

Broken elbow

Since it was s nice and warm out today, I figured I’d take a walk over to the bookstore. Everything was going fine until I got to the corner around from the store. I was moving at a pretty good clip. I forgot about the slab of concrete that sits an inch or two higher than its neighbors. Or at least I forgot about it until I clipped it.

Trying not to land directly on my face, I put my arms out. Tried — and managed — to avoid breaking my wrists. Felt something click oddly in my elbow. Thought I’d dislocated something. No, wait. I still have some range of motion. Not dislocated.

Sat and shook it off. Went to the bookstore. Thought better of it in the next 10 minutes when I kept breaking into a sweat. Fine, concrete. You win. Walked two blocks to the hospital and found the ER.

Found out I’ve got myself a nice radial head fracture. Hooray! Way to go, Czelt!

So I’m in a sling. I have to see my (very, very good-looking) orthopaedic guy this week. (Oh, darn.) At the moment, though, I have almost no pain. Thankfully, I have a pretty high pain tolerance, and it’s workin’ its magic.

So patience is going to be a virtue for you all over the next month. Typing — my preferred mode of communication — is going to be slow. I’m not even remotely a good one-handed typist.

Speaking of which, enough for now. I’m going back to watching the Superbowl. Skipping the Puppy Bowl in favor of a trip to Walgreens for vicodin. Don’t need it now, but I don’t want to find out the hard way that it’d be nice at 2am.

Oh, also: my brother and I are of the opinion that the saddest part of the story is that I didn’t actually get to look around the bookstore. No new books. :(

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On the other side, had you gone to the book store and had you found an amazing deal on the best books, you would have had a huge load to carry home with your good arm…and that could have led to trouble, even more than this.

Wish I could send a magic cure over..but let me know if you need anything or maybe just want anything.

Pete Prodoehl

Didn’t you have am arm incident a few years back? Hopefully breaking it isn’t as bad as a dislocation. They kept telling me it was a shame I didn’t just *break* my elbow instead of dislocating it. Twice…

GJ Charlet III

You need a better story to go with that broken arm. Something about protecting orphans or welching on a Superbowl bet.


Well, clearly this sucks, but on the bright side, what a fine time to post audio dispatches with mychingo or something similar. Very few clicks involved once installed. Click talk, click is about it. In other words, a broken arm is no excuse ;)


We have a similar raised slab on our front walk. I’m always afraid that someone will trip.


Anne, we were just taking about broken bones at Paddy’s on Friday night! If you need anything, let us know.

czeltic girl

Thanks, all.

I’m trying to get scans of my x-rays, but the scanner at work is not cooperating. Hoping our photographer isn’t busy tomorrow so he can shoot ‘em for me. Always entertaining to have photographic evidence of my clumsiness. (Wish I’d done that last time. That break was way more impressive. And GJ, I had a good story all ready for that one. Don’t know why I didn’t think of it this time.)

Ivan & Pat

It is appropriate for Dick Cheney to be in a wheel chair but not you in a sling!

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