Wish me luck

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009 | Life in Czeltistan

My doc appointment is at 1:15 Thursday. I’m hoping Cute Doctor* will have nothing but good news for me. (“Wow. Not only do you not need surgery, but your bone has completely healed AND coated itself with adamantium!”) (Ok, maybe not hoping for news THAT good.)

It’s not that I fear surgery (in fact, if it comes to that, I’d kind of like to watch). It’s that I fear the frakking $4000 deductible my insurance has. At that cost, I’m tempted to take my chances with a superglue injection instead, only that isn’t one of the choices my doctor offers.

So if you get a chance, send all your “Anne should use that $4000 on a car or several fabulous vacations, not her elbow” vibes my way.

I’ll post back here Thursday afternoon or evening with an update.

(*Since some of you have asked… everyone, meet Cute Doctor.)

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if for any reason it is not yet 100%, see if you can get more time to heal. I’m sending good vibes as hard as I can broadcast them.

czeltic girl

I don’t think it’s a matter of more time. I think it’s more a matter of it connecting back up in the right position. (Then again, I’m no doc, so I don’t know that for sure.)

I tried getting more info online, but so much of what I was finding suggested that surgery is fairly common for the type 2 fractures. I couldn’t go la-la-la enough to block it out, so I just quit reading before I fully had my answers. My nanobots do better work when they have hope.


I think the pure adamantium idea has great merit – you can avoid having to pay the megadeductible yourself by having your new elbow reclassified as a weapon and have the Defense Department pay for it.


how about a sidewalk sale fundraiser?


…or just tell the government that you’re out of cash and ask for a few billion dollars. Just don’t go there in your corporate jet. That’s just bad form.
We’re all pulling for good news – Grandma included.

If love can do the trick, you’re already rounding third. Just don’t slide at the plate.


Anne, he looks just like me. If I was in much, much better shape, 14 years younger and, you know… a doctor.


Heh. I still think it is too funny that your cute doctor is Christopher’s brother-in-law.

czeltic girl

Yes, Cute Doctor finds that amusing as well.

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