Thursday, February 19th, 2009 | Life in Czeltistan

I am two pounds and one exoskeleton lighter this afternoon, and things are looking bright.

They took two x-rays: one side shot with the elbow bent (like such) and one straight on with the inside of my elbow facing up (like this). The side shot looked fabulous. You can hardly even see the fracture. This is great news. The straight on shot looks better than it did two weeks ago, but the bone is still a bit off-center. (Picture about half of the gap in the x-ray linked above.) This isn’t the best news, but it’s not necessarily bad, either. The bone is shifted to the side where it may not impact the elbow’s range of motion.

The soft tissue bits are still a little sore. I’m not sure yet how much of that is from the injury and how much is from two weeks locked in the same position. The swelling is nearly completely gone, though, and the bruising is less than half of what it was when the cast went on (and the bruises were just starting to show at that point). So I take that all as a very good sign.

I’m slated for PT twice a week for the next three weeks. Then on March 12, I go back in to see the doc and we discuss my progress in PT. (In his words, “We see if there’s anything you can’t do or if you find that your elbow gets stuck in certain positions.” Stuck? Stuck??? WTF, stuck? That’s not cool. No stuck, please.)

Before I left the appointment, he had me see if I could move the arm around a little. I can and, in fact, have more movement than he expected. Then he asked me if I could do a little side-to-side movement with my hands in a fist, thumbs facing up. Judging by his “oh, wow. You really can. Hey, you may not need surgery at all. You may do just fine on your own,” I was able to do that movement better than he expected. If he’s right about not needing surgery, then that’s twice now he’s managed to fix me up well enough to beat the odds. I’m so hoping he’s right.

Meantime, I’m enjoying being able to properly wash my hands again (those of you who know how obsessive I am about hand washing know this was killing me), scratch that one little spot on my upper right arm I couldn’t reach for the past three weeks, and fit my left arm back into the sleeves of ALL my clothing again. It’s also entirely possible I may get up a few minutes earlier tomorrow just to spend a little more time savoring a proper shower. Ahhh.

Thanks, all, for the good wishes the last few weeks. It’s much appreciated.

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That’s all good news. I imagine that if your elbow got stuck, at least you could entertain bar patrons by doing the “King Tut” sideways, elbow-bent walk…






Good elbow! Good, good elbow1

No stuck elbows. It would be bad. OH, and we’d all want a picture.

Now, stop with this falling down and breaking bits of yourself, ok? Use more bubblewrap or something!


Fantastic! All of us were holding our collective breath. Except, maybe, for the fish in the aquarium. It’s hard to tell with them. But even they give you fins up!

Ivan & Pat

!! EXCELLENT !! Continue healing!!

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