I crawl through the intertubes so you don’t have to

Monday, February 23rd, 2009 | Design-y Bits, You Call This News?

Plus, finding stuff online is kinda fun.

So here are some goodies that are share-worthy today. I hope you enjoy them.

1) For the type addicts and sign junkies out there (myself included), Villatype: A record of type and lettering found in the public domain.

2) An interesting article from the NY Times about the N.I.H.’s Undiagnosed Diseases Program: What’s Wrong With Summer Stiers? The lede’s not quite how I would have started the article, but then again, no one asked me. I’m just intrigued by the project. It must be an incredibly cool (but probably very frustrating) job.

3) And finally, not exactly a groundbreaking story, but it’s got one part in it that’s good for a chuckle. Check out the second bit of linked text in this Time article (the one at the end of the paragraph that starts “Then there’s a third group…”). Maybe they’re worried their readers would be confused in this economy and think of things like food, rent and insurance instead. (Personally, I’d have titled the link “Stupid things people with more money than brains waste their cash on.” This is probably one of the many, many reasons I’m not a writer for Time Magazine.)

(thanks to The Morning News for the first two links and a tip o’ the hat to friend Augie for the last.)

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in the Time article, they asked Paco Underhill for his opinions on the current state of American retail. I have some of Underhill’s books, and I’ve spoken with him at some of our business conventions. His instincts are very good, but I always have to chuckle when he says that businesses have to start catering more to women and there will be more stores owned by women. That’s been a way of life in my industry for more than a generation. I would say that 80-85% of my accounts are owned by women, and the bulk of the consumers in the industry are women.

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