The internet gods have been challenged

Friday, April 3rd, 2009 | Bloggity goodness

And suddenly, I’m finding interesting things to share.

We’ll start with John Scalzi’s blog post about what makes Twitter so compelling. He’s a far better writer than I, so you’ll enjoy him telling you about it far more than if I would. Also, per his comment, “I have a suspicion that if you told most people under the age of 35 that they had choose between texting or making voice calls, voice communication would drop to next to nothing,” there are those of us over 35 who would be ok with this, too.

And, for those of you who care, here’s my contribution to the world that is Twitter. Maybe someday I’ll get around to hooking up one o’ the little blog widgets. I’m pretty lazy, though, so don’t count on it soon. :)

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