Nanobots 1, Surgery 0

Thursday, April 9th, 2009 | Life in Czeltistan

Finished occupational therapy yesterday. Saw the doc today. He came in holding my new x-rays, and said, “You’re very good at making bone.”

What’s the proper reply to that? Thanks? I’ve had lots of practice? (I’m a Cylon?)

He showed me my x-rays, making sure to point out the new bone growth. Pointed out one remaining crack, but said that’d fill in soon, too. He also said, “In a few years, you probably won’t even remember which elbow you broke.” (Uh, yes, I will. I think the snapping sound is one I’ll remember awhile.) Put me through a couple range-of-motion exercises and then told me (in a very nice way, of course) to go away and quit coming to visit so often. I’m completely ok with that prescription.

I still have strength work to do and I’m not quite at 100%, but considering surgery was an option and I made do without it, I’m pretty damned pleased. Massive props to my therapist. If anyone in the Milwaukee area needs a really good OT, I know one. She doesn’t even make it seem like work.

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YEA!!! Best news of the week!


“You’re very good at making bone.”

“And printing currency! Be very afraid if I pay you in cash.”
Congrats! Great news!! Damn! I can’t stop the exclamation points!!!!!

Pat & Ivan


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