Scenes from a Saturday afternoon

Saturday, April 11th, 2009 | Life in Czeltistan

I: I took a little walk along the lake at Big Bay Park today, looking for sea glass. Decided to take a break from my hunt and stack a couple rocks. I wasn’t paying much attention to what was going on around me — when I started, I was the only person down there — but after I finished my second stack, I looked up to see two small children staring at me as if I had multiple heads. Guess they’d never seen anyone stack rocks before.

It’s only weird until you’ve tried it, kids. Then it’s an addictive little challenge.

II: I was walking through the craft supplies aisle at Winkie’s. A few feet down the row was a man, staring intently at one of the shelves. As I approach him, out of the blue he asks me, “Do you think you could use fabric dye for eggs?” It takes me a second to figure out what he’s asking. I look at him, look at the dye, look at him and reply, “Um, well, you could, but I’m not sure you’d actually want to eat them.” (For the record, I have no idea whether or not fabric dye is in any way toxic or if enough of it would make it through the shell to matter. But damn, man, if Winkie’s is out of dye, try Walgreens. They’ve got tons.)

III: Boswell Books is open!! Hooray! I didn’t realize they were, but almost did a little happy dance in the middle of Downer Ave when I saw the book carts outside the door. It’s kind of Schwartz Books Light in there right now, but it’s up and running and I think that’s a fine start.

I was thinking earlier in the day how it’d been almost a month since I’d been in Schwartz. Pretty sure that’s the longest I’ve gone without a visit and it was a bit depressing. Finding Boswell completely made my day.

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I shall have to buy some books at Boswell…even though there’s a pile of ten books in my “to read” shelf (some visible at my latest Flickr entry) and uncountable more already shelved as given up on reading until in some retired dotage… Damn this “having to work for a living” crap…


The Next Chapter is also open in Mequon – the new Schwartz. It looks pretty good, many of the same staff from before and a similar look to the Schwartz look. I am going to try to do a serious browse this week.


And I did a happy little dance when I read your post! Hope we don’t disappoint. Daniel

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