A follow-up to the Buy Indie Day post

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009 | Screed!, Shameless Consumerism

I found out about this from several online acquaintances today. It’s called the 350 Project and it seems like a pretty good idea to me. The idea is that you spend $50 each month at a local business.

It’s pretty easy to drop $50/month at a grocery store. And think how many times a year you’re going to get your hair done and your oil changed. Now how about that coffee you pick up every day? It wouldn’t really change much in your life if you spent that at a locally owned business rather than a chain. And while 3/50 is easy to remember, feel free to increase either of those two numbers (especially the last one). Every little bit helps.

I’ll hop off my soapbox now, but please do think about supporting your local businesses and helping keep brick and mortar stores in business. Keeping the money and jobs in your neighborhood is good for everyone. (Ok. It’s not quite as good for Amazon, but I think they’ll manage.)

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really good idea and I think the 3/50 tag will help people remember to do this. I posted the link on my face book page… a tiny step forward. Hmmm…Alterra, Next Chapter and the local hardware store.


Well, I spent 80 bucks at Exclusive Co. today…and bought new tires at a locally-owned place the week before that…

And even though I have too many unread books, I still went and bought a book at Boswell, just because.

czeltic girl

2fs: Overachiever! You’re gonna make the rest of us look bad. ;) As for Boswell, I did the same thing last Friday. (Ok, it was two books. Hi, my name is Anne and I’m a bookaholic.)

Mom: Don’t forget Sendik’s and Beans & Barley.


I’ve been shopping Sendik’s ever since P&S have been packing up to move…and am really liking Sendik’s…even joined their fan club to get their ads online as they are not going to keep doing the paper ads. No worry on Beans, but I need to get there more often.


Thx for this. I just posted it to @activeminds. I wanted to credit you but ran out of characters.

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