We’re number 1! Err…um… #15!

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009 | You Call This News?

Hey, I’m just thrilled we’re listed at all in Prevention Magazine’s 25 Best Walking Cities. Way to go, Milwaukee!

Don’t know if I’d necessarily have named the Riverwalk as a main reason, but it’s a contributing factor. Having incredibly walkable neighborhoods like the East Side and Downtown are a big help, as is the lakefront and our fabulous park system. No shortage of good places to walk in this city, many of them with wonderful views. (And if it weren’t raining right now, I think I’d feel a walk coming on.)

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!! CONGRATULATIONS !! And last summer I was able to partake in part of the River Walk Experience..Very impressive from this first time visitor from New Mexico..And for the record, I am ready to return :)

Now, if only the NM LOTTERY would cooperate!

Anyway, we “allegedly” have walking areas also, if you don’t mind being molested or having people throw things at you from the automobiles.


!! This is such a wonderful place to live !!

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