Clearly not awake yet

Sunday, May 31st, 2009 | Life in Czeltistan

A prime example of why I should never be taxed with anything too complicated before noon:

I had a couple things I needed to do before I could take a shower this morning, some of which involved seeing other people, so I got dressed rather than lounging around in my jammies.

Finally got the chance to hit the shower. As the water started hitting me, I realized something felt a little off. Looked down. Still wearing my bra.

Whoops. Think I need some more coffee.

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I would just call this “multitasking” and claim you were doing a bit of laundry at the same time.


I’ve done it with my watch still on, and I know somebody who – watch me keep gender out of this – got undressed, turned on the shower, stepped in, and just as “their” foot was hitting the wet bottom of the tub, realized that “they” still had “their” socks on.
It caused their Other Half to smirk…


This makes me feel way better about coming into work one day last week and not realizing until 2PM that I’d forgotten to put any makeup on.

czeltic girl

BB – I’m always here for you. (And really, until you pointed it out, I hadn’t realized you’d forgotten makeup.)

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