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Wednesday, June 10th, 2009 | Design-y Bits, Tunes!

Today’s post is all about photos — lovely collections of photos. (So, naturally, I do not have one posted for you to stare at. You’ll just have to click the links below.)

1) Nick Brandt has some stunning black & white photographs of African animals. They’re made all the more impressive by this statement from the photographer: “I get extremely close to these very wild animals, often within a few feet of them. I don’t use telephoto lenses.” Make sure you think of that when you see the photo of the sitting lionesses.

2) Six extraordinarily stubborn nail houses. And no, I didn’t post this because of Pixar’s “Up.” Until today, I knew nothing about Up, except that a) I haven’t seen one single ad for it anywhere, b) apparently everyone else on the internet has, and c) Nathan Fillion claims that you can use it as a robot test. Oh, and I know from everyone telling me so that it’ll make you cry. (Which, I guess, also tells me that it’s probably not a movie where stuff blows up a lot or there are evil, scary aliens. Damn.)

3) Astronomy Picture of the Day. One of my daily stops as I browse the intertubes. If you’ve got some extra time, go through the archives (or just click on the little left arrow button next to the word “Archives” in the footer). There are some really awesome sights to be seen.

4) Martin Wilson makes fun (and pretty amazing) works that use every frame of a 35mm roll of film to create a single larger work. I think Oranges and Lemons is my favorite.

(Big thanks to Coudal for the first two of these links. I will repay the favor with links for you as soon as I can find something cool before you. Be patient. That’s a tough task.)

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I had to check the biography of the wildlife photographer because I thought perhaps he was a robot or a very talented bonobo – how else could he get so close so many times.

I thought the nail houses in China were interesting. I would have thought that there, of all places, if the city wanted a piece of land, they would get it. Interesting that in such a communist country that landowners have such clout.


I love APOD. It’s my home page and I look at it daily.

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