This is why you’re fat*

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009 | Bloggity goodness

Now I’ve never been a big fan of Cheesecake Factory. Their portions are stupidly big and their food is pretty mediocre. Plus, much a fan of air conditioning as I am, every one I’ve been in has been cold enough to store meat. (Pro tip: I should not have to wear a sweater to eat at your establishment in mid-summer.)

I’m even less of a fan of the place after reading this: Cheesecake Factory Calorie Counter.

Two words: Holy. Crap.

As Miz Christyl points out, “Yeah! Morning quesadilla — 2000+ calories. Your entire caloric quota for the day, done by 10 am!”

Guess it saves you the trouble of having to eat later in the day.

(*This is not why I’m fat. I’m fat because I like beer. And pizza. And beer and pizza. And my sofa. But Cheesecake Factory gets none of the credit.)

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I’ve never been to a Cheesecake Factory. I think I’ll keep it that way now.


Have you seen (don’t look if you’ve recently eaten)

czeltic girl

John — I’m actually ashamed to say that some of the stuff on kinda makes me hungry. Some of it is just downright gross, though.

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