Ok, Monday. You win.

Monday, July 6th, 2009 | Life in Czeltistan

Figured I’d be having a busy week this week as catalog deadline nears and Irish Fest prep is fully under way (not to mention planning for an upcoming trip). Tried to prep myself as best I could. Thought I was off to a pretty good start this morning — I was even running 10 minutes earlier than usual.

And then I got out to my car. Unlocked the door and was halfway to getting in when I noticed the shiny little pieces all over the seat and floor. *pause. blink.* Oh, hell. That’s the passenger side window, isn’t it?

Yeah. Some schmuck broke the window. Glove box open, center console open. (Change drawer still shut and full.) They apparently didn’t want my huge stash of fast food restaurant napkins (odd), and there was really nothing else to steal.

Didn’t realize until later that they managed to get an iPod charger out of the glove box. Joke’s on them, though, as it doesn’t work on the newer models. Hope you enjoy the 25 cents you’ll get for that on the street, moron.

So I did the dutiful, crime-reporting citizen thing and called it in. Nothing the cops could do for me, but it sure doesn’t hurt to get the stat posted somewhere in case it becomes a neighborhood trend. Talked to my insurance guy for the first time in about a year, too. And the auto glass repair guy. Good times all around. The auto glass guy could come to me, though, so that was helpful.

Still, it took a chunk out of my morning (not to mention my wallet) and threw me for a loop for about half the day. Not good, considering how much work I’ve got this week.

So look, Monday, I’ve got enough on my plate without any extra help, ok? Spread the word. Tell your little friends Tuesday and Wednesday that I cry uncle. (Thursday, you’re going to be a crazy day. I’m not above bribes. Just sayin’.)

So how’s everyone else’s week going so far? Any exciting stories to tell?

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Yuck. Well at least you didn’t get evacuated! Gee, that was fun. Nothing like hauling two dogs and a cat around…


Blech, Mondays. I had lack of sleep (caused by busily protruding baby belly and sleepwalker hubby) plus the weird project from hell (where it appeared the client knew bubkus about her products).

Tuesday’s been rainy, so I’m banking on Thursday.


that’s awful….were any of the other cars in the lot broken into?


Does working 70 hrs this week count? Oh is working in TV glorious!

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