Holy crap, y’all. I’m gonna be a homeowner!

Friday, July 31st, 2009 | Life in Czeltistan

A bungalow a couple blocks from my apartment went on the market last week. It was a couple blocks north of my ideal location, it has forced-air heat (which I hate) and it’s on Oakland, which is a fairly busy street, but it was cute and looked like it was in good shape. Plus, it was in my price range. I had to look at it.

Did the initial viewing on Tuesday. The house is a decent-sized duplex in excellent condition. (Except the linoleum in the downstairs kitchen. Oh, god, that stuff is hideous.) It’s got a new roof (a tear-off, too), new furnace, new central air in both units, and new Pella windows throughout. Built-in china cabinets in the dining room, built-in book cases in the front bedroom. Giant deck off the back and giant porch off the front. Needs some serious cleaning and some paint — no surprise, as the woman who owned it lived there a long, long time. But all in all, it was in fantastic shape. And seriously — aside from all the stuff the packrat…er…former owner had, it had the cleanest basement and garage I’ve ever seen. (Where did she keep her spiders? ‘Coz I didn’t see any, except on the front steps rail outside.)

So I spent part of Tuesday night trying to avoid the panic attacks that came with being as busy as I am right now and having to make a major decision like this. Decided Wednesday that I needed another look, this time with a second set of eyes, so I brought Miz BB along. Her verdict, along with Mom’s, was “hell, yes. I should buy the house.”

I had to concur. The positives far, far outweighed the negatives. So I put in an offer on Wednesday night.

Found out this morning that the offer was accepted. I even got the set of Franciscan Starburst dishes that were sitting in the china cabinet. (Hey, what the hell — as long as I was asking for things, I asked for things.) Squee!!!

They asked that the closing be about three weeks earlier than I’d have liked, but I’ll figure out how to work around that. (Note to self: Call landlord TOMORROW and let him know you’re moving out.)

So yeah. Gonna be a crazy next two months, but it’s exciting (and scary).

Now I gotta go break it to the cat that she won’t have radiators to lay under any more. I think she’s going to take it harder than I did.

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Congrats all around!!! Welcome to the Wunnerful World of Property Taxes!
If you’re a good girl, I’ll get you a radiator to lay under…

Mike 19 Walrath

Don’t worry cats like forced air vents also.


Congratulations. Unlike me, you picked a good time to buy.


Congrats. You were already paying property taxes, as part of your rent…so now you actually get some benefit from them.

By the way: don’t let anyone tell you that home-ownership isn’t anything but wonder, joy, and delight. I mean, they’d be correct – but don’t let them tell you that. (Start saving now!)

(Seriously – we love our house and wouldn’t trade it for anything.)





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