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Friday, August 7th, 2009 | Bloggity goodness, You Call This News?

For those of us who were teens in the ’80s, John Hughes was kind of our voice. It was pretty hard to find anyone who didn’t like at least one of his movies, and pretty much everyone I knew loved many of them. It didn’t matter where we grew up or what we were into, we were all sure at least one of his characters was us. (And I’m sure we all had others we wished were us.) For a grown-up, he completely got what it was like to be a teen.

He hadn’t made any movies in a few years, but that’s ok. The ones he made between 1984 and 1988 were really all we needed. (Yes, I know there were some good ones on either side of that, but those are the rockstar films.) Even now, I can’t resist watching his films when they’re on (much to the detriment of whatever else I’m supposed to be doing at that moment.)

So when he passed away yesterday, I found it made me much sadder than I would have expected. Even though I’d never met the man, it felt kind of like losing a friend.

This woman, however, did know him. She was another teen from the ’80s, but she was lucky enough to talk John into being her pen pal for a number of years, and this blog entry shares some of that with the rest of us: Sincerely, John Hughes.

If you’re even a little bit a fan of John Hughes, you’re going to want a box of tissues nearby.

(Thanks to vidiot for the tip and for making me get all teary-eyed at work. And thanks to John Hughes for helping make the teen years a little bit more bearable.)

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One of the great things about a legacy is that the one who leaves us is never out of our lives. John Hughes left us a big part of himself that we can keep with us.
Some of us have lesser legacies, mine being that I can play 12-string guitar flat in any key. I don’t know if it made my teen years a bit more bearable, but it brought everybody else down to my level of misery.


…and The Breakfast Club WAS about me and my friends!


neat to share that blog. very good story.

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