Really, spammers?

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009 | Bloggity goodness

About half of today’s attempted spam comments had something to do with Simpsons pr0n.

Stupid Rule 34.

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ramsie shick

i am wondering if you remember me:???
i was : i guess you could say, spamming myself??
you have to scroll the the bottom of the page.
i think i was searching for anyone who knew my own lyrics: at the time: because i had none of my own merchandise. and i was in a very bad place: very very physically sick. someone? or a bunch of you were talking about random music.
i just got my real name back: [this one] legally on august 9, 09]
but before now: i became very very good at spamming my self. self destruction at it’s highest level!
it is amazing what one will do to get away from a situation they feel threatened by.
they will literally: infect their own system: with a mutating virus: and then later: no know how to be rid of it!
anyhow: you were kind to end the thread: with a link to the healthier side of me: which was still tying to produce: some form of art. so
thank: you!
“language is a virus”
[laurie anderson”

czeltic girl

Hi, Ramsie.

I didn’t remember your name until I clicked the link to the 9622 thread, but I did remember the card you did. Still like it. (I just took a spin through your gallery. I really like the “Soon” piece. And the “Puppies” piece makes me smile. As someone who spent a childhood coloring horses purple in coloring books, I totally appreciate a purple puppy.)

I hope things are going better for you these days. Sounded like you were having a very rough time of it back then. And I’m glad I could do even a small thing to make you feel better. It makes me very happy to know a small kindness had an impact. Take care of yourself and be well. Keep creating.

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