Dear Monday evening,

Monday, August 24th, 2009 | Life in Czeltistan

I’ve had enough of your crap. Get out.

Moose kisses,
Czeltic Girl

The following few bits of joy from the last half hour are the only things saving this craptastic evening. I want to hug them: I Can Has Cheezburger (most notably this photo), Gay Perry, and a quick review of today’s XKCD. (Pretty sure Gay Perry is the only one of those three things I could actually hug. I’m ok with that.)

I’d have a cocktail, but Rocket Science Girl here packed up the liquor cabinet, and the beer I have in the house isn’t cold.

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I hear they have places that sell cocktails now – I think they’re called “bars.” There’s probably one near where you live, even.

czeltic girl

Ah, right. New template doesn’t timestamp things.

I wrote this at 11:30pm. Was not about to go out to the pub at that hour.

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