This was supposed to be happy fun week.

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 | Kitty!

But the excitement of closing on my house was far overshadowed by the sadness of losing Norm.

She was 19 and not in the best of health. Wednesday and Thursday, she ate very little. Friday she ate almost nothing. By Saturday, she’d stopped eating at all. I wasn’t sure she’d make it through Sunday night. But she did. She made it through Monday, too. I kept hoping she’d go in her sleep, but for all her systems that were failing, her heart was still going strong. This morning, it was clear that even though she was so weak, it might be a while yet. I had little choice but to call my vet.

In two more years, Stormy would have been with me half my life. It was really hard when we lost Cliffy a year and a half ago. Norm and I spent a lot of time pretty much attached to each other after that. Coming home tonight to no cats at all was really hard. The house feels empty (and not just because I’ve moved a bunch of stuff over to the new place already).

It’ll be a little strange to not wake up during the night tonight and not find a paw in my face or someone licking my hair. I’ll miss Norm’s little meow (and her not-so-little demanding meow) and the hassle of trying to use the computer while a cat sleeps across one arm. I’ll even kind of miss her annoying habit of letting herself into the bathroom while I’m in the shower, leaving the door open and letting out all my nice steamy air.

She’s reunited with her sister now, up in Mom’s little pet cemetery (seriously — whomever owns that property next is going to think odd things of our family if they start digging. Cats, dogs, horses… there’s a lot buried up there). I miss them both dearly.

R.I.P., Normie. I miss you, little girl.
July 1990 – September 2009

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Anne, I’m so sorry about your loss. What a horrible thing to have happen at any time, but even more so when it was supposed to be such an exciting week.

You will be missed little Normie beast.


No cat could never hope for a better life than one with Ms. Anne, the Czelt and the true St. Francis of felines. My heart hurts with you. It really does. Rest in peace, Normie.


I’m so sorry. I remember how broken up we were when we lost our kitty Spin several years ago.


So very, very sorry to hear about Norm!! My thoughts are with you during this lonely time :(
On the bright side (not that there really is one) I bet Cliffy is quite happy to have her sister back.

micki your 2nd cuz or is it 3rd

Norm had a long happy life, but that doesn’t make the loss any less painful. When I took Muffin to the vet for the last time, I cried and cried even though I knew it would be cruel to let her suffering continue. I feel for you, Anne.

I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. (If you ever want the challenge of adopting our Outdoor Cat, do let me know. She’s become much more social with us, but we still haven’t gotten around to litter-box training her to bring her inside yet though she spends a lot of time looking at us through the front door and will come in the foyer until the indoor cats growl at her.)



My deep condolences on the loss of Norm.


As I said when Cliff left us, people who don’t own pets will never understand that Norm wasn’t “an animal” – she was a full fledged family member. Her long life is testimony to lots of great care and love. I’m so sorry for your loss. I’ll never forget how I used to talk to Norm, and mostly Cliff, on the phone whenever I’d call you. I believe they both knew what Grandpa does for a living.
Remember the funny stuff.


Those cats have been in your life as long as i have! I’m sorry my friend. Check your email for a cute pic on a new little kitty my partner is fostering. He is a week old and mighty cute. Hope it makes you smile!

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