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Monday, October 5th, 2009 | Life in Czeltistan

Typical: All the times I’ve checked the reserve juror check-in message during the last two weeks, it’s said “thanks, but we won’t need you.” Now that it’s my day to be a reserve juror, it says “come on in!”


Jury duty for me generally consists of sitting in the pool room, bored out of my mind for a day and a half, only to be called up then quickly dismissed. (If you’re going to dismiss me, call me up on day one, please.) The difference this time was that I got to spend Friday afternoon attempting to plan a schedule around not knowing whether or not I’d be at work on Monday or Tuesday, then spend Monday morning trying to plan a schedule around whether or not I’d be in during the afternoon or not. (Who knew jury duty could be made into more of a hassle? Kudos to those who figured out how to do it.)

So I’m off to the courthouse to determine someone’s fate. Or, more likely, I’m off to the courthouse to sit around and read more of my book. At least they’ve got wi-fi now. (Oh, hell. Forgot my headphones. There goes any hope of watching Dr. Horrible.) I wish they could use the same exciting technology as restaurants and give me a little buzzer to let me know if I was called or not. Then I could spend my day digging through files in the Records Office. Ah, well.

Update, Monday night: Guess who’s on a jury. Will end up being more than two days of service, but at least it’s not just sitting around in the jury pool room.

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Jury duty is one of the few constitutionally guaranteed activities that we can take a part of. Yes it’s inconvenient, and the process can be annoying, but you’re participating in an important aspect of our society that the citizens of many other countries don’t enjoy.

czeltic girl

Chris, you’ll get no argument from me that it’s an important duty (and a privilege) we have in this country. I take it pretty seriously. I was just frustrated at the inability to plan my week. :)

I suspect it won’t be the most exciting trial ever (which is ok by me), but I’ll do my part to make sure both parties get a fair trial.


…and remember, when Perry Mason says, “Did you not kill your wife?”, the correct defense answer is “Yes!”
(Unless, of course, he really did it.)

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