Best Advent calendar ever

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009 | Bloggity goodness

Yes, I know it’s a bit amusing that an agnostic likes Advent calendars, but I do. (It’s kind of like Mom’s Jewish friend who adores Christmas lights.) I don’t care one whit what they stand for. I just enjoy a new little surprise every day. (Hmm. Note to self: Groundhog Day countdown calendars!)

It makes me sad every year that there won’t be any more of Leslie Harpold’s wonderful calendars, but The Big Picture has stepped in and come up with what may be my new favorite: the Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar. Check back every day for a new image.

Not quite sure how I missed this one last year, as TBP is one of my daily stops, but I sure am glad I found it now.

And if I find any other good calendars, I’ll make sure to post those, too.

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Would a Groundhog Day calendar have the same thing every day? Would there be one after 2012?


the best part is zero calories!

micki your 2nd cuz or is it 3rd

Spectacular pictures of the heavens. What could be more religious?

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