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Thursday, December 17th, 2009 | Life in Czeltistan

Sink $2500 in repairs into a 17-year-old car or get a new car?

FML. Is this miserable year over yet?

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From somebody who’s sunk close to 16K into my car, hmmmmm. I’d take the incentives and get a new car. Or a newER car.

Unless, of course, you’ve already done the brakes, the exhaust (including the catylclysmic –spelling intentional — converter), the tranny, and some damn fuel filter or heater blower. Then you know all that stuff should last you a while, as opposed to having car payments again.

So what do you hate more — occassional hits or regular car payments?


Unless the 17-year-old car is a Rolls or Jaguar, it probably isn’t worth $2,500. I think it’s time to give in and get a new car (or a new used one).

czeltic girl

v’ron: New(ish) exhaust system. New tires. Oh, and I put in a new air filter not too long ago. (Note to Toyota: Oh, ha ha. Very funny on the placement of the snaps on the lid on that one. Damned near impossible not to take a chunk out of your hand opening the bottom one.) Also: I’ve never had car payments. I’ve never bought a car I couldn’t pay off right away. (Went almost 2 years without a car once while waiting.)

2fs: She’s a Toyota. In my mind, that’s far better than a Rolls or a Jag. :) (Pls note: I’d also show this kind of love to a Mini. They may not be quite as reliable as a Toyota, but damn those things are cute.) (Ok, even the American ones.)


We owned Toyotas for years! We like them…probably our next car (after our Mazda dies – still going great at 130k and 11 years) will be a Prius.


I sure do miss my Camry…

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