Further tales of my idiot upstairs neighbor

Monday, May 5th, 2003 | General

My upstairs neighbor (let’s call him “Dumbass,” shall we?) really outdid himself this time. I came home Saturday afternoon to find him and some buddies out grilling on the front lawn. No biggie there. A switch from our large back yard to a postage stamp sized front yard, but otherwise no problem. Didn’t really pay much attention to it, other than to curse the noise they were making as they plowed through their cases of beer.

Then yesterday, I took out some recycling. I noticed the paper dumpster was overfull again because Dumbass and friends didn’t feel the need to break down their cardboard boxes (again). So I pulled out the boxes and started breaking them down. While I was doing this, I noticed one of the boxes was for a brand-spankin’ new mini Weber gas grill. (Ah! A special grilling party. Of course they wanted to grill on the front lawn. They had a new grill to show off!) While I was breaking down the box, I noticed that all of the hardware was still inside it. Odd, I thought. Wonder how they attached the gas canister and the legs.

A little while later, we were heading out to run some errands. On the way out, I noticed parts of the grill laying out front where the garbage pickup is. Upon closer inspection, the grill parts revealed some lovely charcoal marks and scorches. So, not only did Dumbass not put his grill together correctly, he used the wrong fuel and destroyed it. Not a bad day’s work for a Saturday.

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