A lovely 4th

Monday, July 7th, 2003 | General

That was our view on Friday afternoon. How much more American can you get than baseball on the 4th of July? Yeah — we had hot dogs, too. No apple pie, though. Apparently they don’t sell that at the stadium.

That’s the Brewers’ dugout in the front of the shot. We were one row up from it thanks to Christyl’s clients. It was a good place from which to watch the first inning’s grand slam. (Don’t worry — in typical Brewers fashion, they lost.) Got passes to the foofy members-only .300 Club at the stadium along with the tickets. Good thing, too, as we really, really needed the air conditioning in there.

Have I mentioned lately just how much I hate summer? It’s miserable. And by “miserable” I don’t mean “gosh, I’m a little warm.” I mean it more in an “I wonder how the folks in the Arctic are getting on right about now and if they would like some company” way. I am so not built for hot weather (especially this miserable hot and very humid stuff we get here). If I was meant to be out in it, I’d have probably gotten some skin pigment in the deal to equip me. But nooooo.

Come on, September.

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