Apparently my superpower is saving cash on groceries

Tuesday, July 8th, 2003 | General

The grocery store I usually shop at is having a “double coupons up to $1″ sale this week. I went last night, armed to the teeth with coupons. Between my store card and my coupons, I saved $27 on $83 worth of groceries. And my original total would have been less, had I not used the occasion to splurge on some products I usually don’t buy because of cost. Heh.

My milk wound up being 25 cents, I got 2 big boxes of cereal for about $1 each, my dryer sheets cost me 10 cents, etc. Fun, fun!

The cashier and all the people behind me in line hated my guts, but too bad for them. Mwahh ha. Now I have food and household stuff and I still have beer money.