More tales of the neighbor

Wednesday, August 13th, 2003 | General

So I’m layin’ there in bed, trying to fall asleep around 12:15 this morning and I hear a vehicle pull up outside the building with the stereo cranked. (No, I mean cranked.) Once the song ended, I hear the sound of a door closing, followed immediately by the drunken sounds of my favorite neighbor, Dumbass, bellowing, “Hey! Steve-o!” (Yes. Yell to the roommate who is inside the building. Good plan. You certainly shouldn’t have to bother with actually entering the building you live in to talk to him.)

A few seconds later I hear some mumbling sounds coming from upstairs (ostensibly a question about the new truck Dumbass pulled up in), followed by more bellowing, “Dude. It’s my dad’s. Don’tcha just wanna get fucked up and roll it?”

I’m sure his folks are proud.

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