Tales from the long weekend

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2003 | General

My, but it was a busy weekend. Only wish it would have been one day longer. (Yeah, yeah. Who doesn’t?)

There was much Harleyness in my weekend. Friday night a couple pals and I wandered down to the East Side Block Party (which, up until about 8pm was more “East Side” than “Harley Riders”). Imbibed in some lovely beverages, watched some bands, saw a lot of old friends. We also saw a group of riders from Malaysia. That was the first overseas group I saw. Up to that point, I’d seen about half of the States, Peru, Honduras, Mexico and Canada.

Saturday was a beautiful day which called for a walk down to the lakefront to see the tent city Harley erected there. Oh. Oh, my. Bikes galore. Saw some groups from Italy and Germany, as well as some guy from Hawaii. (Must be nice to be all these folks who have the dough to ship a bike overseas.) Spent the rest of the day cleaning, watchin’ TV and nursing my sunburn. (I always miss a spot with the sunscreen!)

Sunday was a BBQ up at Mom’s before my uncle and his friends went back down for the giant Harley party. Mmm. BBQ. Bet everyone would have stayed longer had they known Elton John was gonna be the big surprise act at the Harley party.

Elton John. Who the hell thought that was a good idea. Here’s a quick quiz for the folks who started planning the 105th Anniversary party today:

Which is a better choice for a band for a biker party?
a. Elton John
b. Anybody else, except possibly Celine Dion.

A kid was spotted on one of the I-94 overpasses with a sign that said,”Thanks for coming to Milwaukee, have a safe trip home. Sorry about Elton.” Heh.

I also had a little monkey visitor this weekend. One of the projects I’m involved in on Nervousness is a travelling sock monkey named Gus. He got his photo taken with some bikers this weekend. He’s gonna visit the Weinermobile at the art museum tomorrow and then he moves on.

Yeah. I lead the exciting life.

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