Oh yeah — tales from the neighbor, too

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2003 | General

Tony, my crazy downstairs neighbor, shared a little more of his wisdom with me this weekend. It seems that Tony’s nemesis, the cable guy, was back this week and Tony felt he had to tell me that he saw the cable guy working on the connection to the building. Actually, it was phrased a little more like this:

“Now why would they need to do that? They were just here to do that. I’ll tell you why they did it. It’s because of IBM. They’re the most-powerful company on Earth and they control everything. They come into your house through the cable. Even through the lights. You think you turn off your lights, but they still get in. They know what’s going on.”

Yep. You heard it here first. IBM: The most-powerful company on Earth.

He also told me later in the weekend how the police were involved in a massive cover-up to keep the biker stories out of the media. He was utterly convinced there were biker gang crimes going on all over the city that were being covered up. I asked him if he thought the bikers had planned it ahead of time with the Satan worshippers. He said it wouldn’t surprise him.

My neighbors are the best.

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