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Tuesday, September 9th, 2003 | General

Pardon the lack of posting. I’ve been a bit busy (in a good way, though).

Went out for some lovely beverages with the coworkers Friday night. Caught the last footy game of the season Saturday afternoon. Went out to Madison Saturday evening to meet up with the Madison Metafilter group. Spent Sunday lounging on the couch, trying to recover.

Had waaaay too much fun Saturday night out in Madison. Met up with everyone around 8pm at The Great Dane brewpub, which makes a lovely brown ale (though they should really try not to make it as addictive as it is). There were around 10 of us at any given time. Nice group of folks. Very entertaining. We closed the place and adjourned to rocketman and interrobang’s place to attempt to listen to the Flaming Lips’ Zaireeka. (Note to those of you trying this at home: Leave the Hello Kitty boombox out of the mix. It just fouls things up.) About 3:30, Christyl & I had cheated sleep as much as we were going to be able to, so we headed for home.

Photos from the meetup (minus the whole Zaireeka incident) are here.

Much fun in Madison (including the acquisition of some cool interrobang art), but the fact that I was able to stop on my way home afterwards to get the Sunday paper made Sunday a rough day.

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