Your kid may already be a sorcerer!

Wednesday, October 1st, 2003 | General

Hardcore Christians make a video spouting off about the evils of Harry Potter, Seanbaby comments. Guaranteed to provide you with some good laughs. Sections of this nearly had me in tears. Here’s a fine example:

“The Christians complain that when people object to fantasy books, they’re made to look like fools. But you see, the lie that it’s fantasy is that — get this — IT’S NOT. Now, while you try to find the socks that just got blown the hell off your feet, let me explain it as the video explained it to me: If Harry Potter was fake, witches all over the world would be complaining about how fake it was. And since they’re not, the spells in Harry Potter are all real.”

How can you not love that kind of logic?

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