Monday, October 6th, 2003 | General

I’m not much use to the blogging world today, I’m afraid. The cats tag-teamed me again last night, so I didn’t get much sleep. (If they’re going to spend the night tearing around the house, can’t they at least do it at the same time?) Also didn’t have much time today to go off and find linky goodness to play with. Maybe tomorrow.

Had a very nice weekend, though. Went to a wedding reception for some pals (another Czelt, actually. The one who decided we needed to start our own ethnic group). Saw lots of folks I hadn’t seen in forever. Had a tasty filet mignon. Drank lots o’ beer. You know — the usual wedding reception thing.

In other good news, my sis-in-law is out of the hospital again. Long story as to her ailment, but hopefully she’s on her way to some sort of recovery. It’s been a long, doctor-filled year for her.

And, since I forgot to mention it last week, if you haven’t already done so, go see Lost in Translation. Helpful tip from Christyl & me: Don’t eat a big meal first. It won’t sit well with the amount of laughing you’ll be doing in the karaoke scene. (I’m never going to be able to hear Bryan Ferry again.) I’m generally not a big Sofia Coppella fan, but this one’s not to be missed.

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