Drinking and shopping don’t mix.

Friday, October 10th, 2003 | General

Y’know how people tell you that you shouldn’t grocery shop when you’re hungry? Well, I’m gonna expand on that and tell you it’s probably not such a good idea to do it after you’ve been drinking, either.

Popped into the grocery store after hoisting a couple o’ pints to a departing coworker. My intention was to get some milk and a frozen pizza, which I successfully did. The complete list of purchased items, however, is a bit longer: milk, pizza, frozen veggies, some mums (they were really pretty. I had to), a muffin (for breakfast), a donut (for then), bananas, a bag of Goldfish crackers and a rubber duckie.

Yeah. You heard me. A duckie. At least I had the sense not to put it in the fridge with the frozen goods.

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