You spin me right round, baby, right round.

Monday, November 3rd, 2003 | General

Album covers done in Lego.

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Looking at each one, I experienced this strange, discombobulated sensation, like I was in some different time, some new land, where marketing had never been created and irony was completely absent from the peoples’ lives…


But, these aren’t bad because they’re bad. They aren’t in any way disingenuous. They’re just kind of ludicrous and dated.

A worse kind of bad album cover is the kind where the band’s sound is in no way represented by the kind of iconography, like anything by Yo La Tengo – where they’re just following along with the latest kind of “hip” imagery – or like all those bands from the late 90s who used retro fifties imagery in a non sequitur way. Like the Beastie Boys. That’s more “bad”. This stuff is just kind of ignorant and unintentionally funny.


(Not to say that these aren’t funny.)


Some of them are actually quite disturbing – look at the one just below Minnie Ripperton. What has the person in the middle got on their head? And what sex are they?

The Lego ones are cute, though.

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