My brother, the pusher

Friday, January 9th, 2004 | Joss Whedon-y Goodness

I would just like to take this opportunity to publicly thank my brother for giving me the “might has well have been heroin” gift of my Christmas haul. So help me, I can’t stop watching Firefly. Even the commentary on the disk is great.

Mike, I hope someday I can get you something equally addictive.

For the rest of you with Firefly addiction problems, here are a couple of charming little links to keep you entertained:

Firefly Chinese Pinyinary
Firefly Life Lessons

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OK, we have to get gossipy about this. Thanks to the miracle of technology (/me kisses internet) we’ve finally been able to see what all the fuss is about and we’ve watched two episodes for the last two nights. Oh, how it grows on you! Herr Dynagirl, who was Buffy-neutral, is really digging it.

Little House in the Space?
Why does every planet look like Nevada?
How can I see Malcolm (love him if only for the name…) as a hero after Caleb? Damn, dude’s good, I’m hooked.

herr Dynagirl hates the theme/credits, I can’t help but love them. If Josh Whedon pooped on a stick, would I worship it? (Err, ok, maybe not.) On the other hand, I was the only one on this planet who dug the Enterprise credits. If Whedon can take the stock characters & plots off the shelf and make as nice of a little show as he has with Firefly, why does so much other tv suck so pathetically? Is Joss Whedon the ONLY good writer on the f***ing planet?

Sorry for the ramble; it’s 5:52am and I’ve already been up for an hour. Wheee, farmertime.

czeltic girl

Yay!!! Another Firefly fan!

Herr Dynagirl will come around.

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