I think I like this bird

Tuesday, January 20th, 2004 | You Call This News?

Churchill’s parrot. I especially like the part about the pet shop and the children.

(Via Total Viscosity Breakdown.)

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I work in the Pet Industry, and I call on retail stores. Years ago, one of my accounts had a Blue and Gold Macaw named Crowbar. Crowbar was a “store bird”. He sat on a high perch at the rear of the store. He disappeared into the rear office when the owner noticed that, whenever the phone rang, Crowbar would shout “There’s the goddam telephone!” The lesson is: be very careful of your language around parrots. They’ll repeat the wrong thing in crystal clear tones.


Oi, we could do wiv a parrot like that in the ‘Undred Anarchist Wood.

Fahcking Nazis.

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