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Monday, January 26th, 2004 | Life in Czeltistan

Random musings:

  • CSI: New York. Um, CBS? Yeah, hi. I know you really, really like the overwhelming success of the other two CSI shows, and I know NBC gets away with three versions of Law & Order, but come on already. Enough. What’s next? “CSI: Akron”? Can’t wait for that one. Lots of tire-related homicides.
  • More on Shaun. Saw this little book at the store the other day. Kinda wanted to get it, but for the $10 it would have cost me, I could have gotten more Shaun toys. Toys always win.
  • JNYMACK. Saw that license plate yesterday at the grocery. Made me think of Christyl’s and my friend James in Dublin who ends about every third sentence with “Janey Mack!” I had to smile. (And then, just for kicks and totally separate of that little tale, Brendan uses the phrase on his blog today.)
  • I hate when I like the commercials. Y’know that Office Depot spot with the guy and his cart dancing around and delivering office supplies? The one that uses “Rubberband Man” as its music? I hate to admit it, but it makes me smile when I see it. And then I get mad at myself for liking an ad that uses a black guy with a big ‘fro delivering supplies to white folk as its shtick. Damn the conflict. But the guy they got to play the rubberband man just seems to be having such a good time. (I also wish they’d stick around for a little longer after he stocks the first aid cabinet so we could see the halfwit at the paper cutter hack his hand off, but nooooo.)
  • Yay! Author visits! Ooh. Goody. Two of my favorite authors will be stopping in at bookstores within 1/2 mile of my apartment. William Gibson is coming to Schwartz Books on Feb. 10 and Ian Rankin is coming to Mystery One on March 3. I’ve never seen Gibson before, but I saw Rankin when he stopped in Mystery One last year. He was terribly entertaining. (I suppose it’s too much to ask for him to bring along John Hannah to play Rebus, though, eh? Damn.)
  • Almost forgot to mention it — Steelbuddha has updated his blog template. Go visit and tell him how purty it is.

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Aww. That’s swell of you to think of and link to me. I’m sorry if I gushed. I don’t have a lot to live for. =)


Hrrm might have to make a trip to Milwaukee. I’m not a fan but we listened to “Neuromancer” in the car, is his voice/accent really that wierd? I must know.

If they ever make a movie of that, and put Carrie Ann Moss in it, I’m gonna be pissed.


Or, duh, see him in Madison. :-/


CSI: Akron?

“Looks like he was murdered with something rubber, Jim. Gonna be a real whodunit.”


CSI: St. Louis
“He couldn’t have been murdered near the Arch. There’s no point to it.”



Ouch. Dad puns. Ouch. ;>

Gibson, eh? He’s on my list of books I should read one of these days. I’ve GOT them all. Somehow, I never catch up with a trend until it’s so over it’s retro. Whoo hoo.

Who else is sitting in your pile of “Oh jeez I so much want to read those…one day…” books?

czeltic girl

Hmmm. Tough question. I’m usually pretty good at getting to read the authors I want to.

Gonna have to mull this one over for a bit, I think.


CSI Punxatawney:
“Well it looks like six more weeks… of grisly murders!”

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