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Tuesday, February 10th, 2004 | Life in Czeltistan

Busy week this week. Loads of work, two hockey games, a haircut and (if I can get out of here in time tonight) William Gibson at the local bookstore. As such, not much in the way of surfing or chatter here in Czeltistan.

But I have a couple small photos for your perusal:

Mom’s furry beasties inquiring if I’ve brought snacks. That’s Indy in the front. Jackie and Ginger are waiting patiently behind. (Ginger, by the way, is about a year older than I am. Impressive, eh?)

The little monkey on the sculpture at the Children’s Room in our downtown library. I can’t believe I never noticed the sculpture before this weekend.

Two photos of the harbor, one from around the back side of the Summerfest grounds (nearest the red lighthouse), the other from across the river from. Uh… should the water be that solid?

And finally, My favorite Milwaukee building. Used to house the gas company (hence the flame), but now it’s just office space. The flame on top tells the weather: When the flame is red, warmer days ahead. When the flame is gold it will be cold. When the flame is blue, you’ll know no change is due. A flashing flame means snow or rain. (For the record, in this photo it’s blue. The blue just didn’t photograph too well.)

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I like the harbor photos a lot, They would make cool postcards….. (really beautiful horses, of course)…


Great photos. Two quick comments – first, it’s “When the flame is blue, a change is due…”

Second, regarding whether the harbor water should be that solid – they say that the Earth is three fourths water, and the Milwaukee River is only one half water. Not sure how that affects the harbor.
(By the way, I’ve never noticed the monkey, either.)


!!…..I can’t imagine that much snow and frozen water…..!!

czeltic girl

Hmm. When I was taught the rhyme, I was specifically taught “no change is due”. Dammit. Now I’m gonna have to go looking for a source.

czeltic girl

God, how I love Google. :-)

It is “no change”: article (that includes the poster I have in my room).

MPL Ready Reference (Scroll down a bit)

Wow. I’m such a geek when it comes to research.

Johnny B

You know what? You need to come up with a flag for the republic(?) of Czeltistan. And a national anthem. And t-shirts! Just don’t put bats on them…

czeltic girl

It is, in fact, the Republic of Czeltistan. I was trying to work out national symbols at one point, but once I got to the national drink (beer, natch), I didn’t get much further. (I had to check to make sure I picked the correct beverage.)

Besides, my fellow Czelt — the guy who named our fine group — is busy running for some sort of local office at the moment, so he’s utterly useless to help me out. Maybe after next week’s primaries.

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