Well, duh

Friday, February 13th, 2004 | Fun With Teh Intarweb

Shouldn’t this sort of thing go without saying? I mean, hello — little thing called the law.

Here, you fraternity halfwits, I’ll help you with your training. Ready? Here we go: Don’t. It’s illegal, it’s wrong and if you do it, you’ll go to prison. If I was god, before you’d go to prison, you’d spend an hour alone in a windowless room with the woman’s male relatives.


What’s next? Little “killin’ free zone” stickers?

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It’s illegal, it’s wrong and if you do it, you’ll go to prison.

And prison, I hear, is not a rape free zone.


…..yes….and the distinct possibility of “BIG BILL” and his gang of merry men participating in the “Welcoming Rites” await the newcomers as well..



It’s a stupid name for a long over due action. They could have made the stickers mandatory by saying “Idiot free zone”. Same thing. Then there wouldn’t be any worry about anyone thinking something was going on that wasn’t….

After all, it should be ASSUMED that a place is “rape-free”. You can’t always assume a place is “idiot-free”, though, especially in a frat house.

It never hurts, however, to do a little educating just so people can haul out their assumptions, stereotypes, and implanted weird cultural ideas for some kicking and shaking. It might make room for some new and more socially acceptable ideas that will help those persons live successful and happy lives. That’s what college is for.

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