Did you guys even try?

Friday, February 13th, 2004 | General

Well, we have a new winner in the “lamest designed state quarter” competition. Congratulations, Michigan, on the weakest showing yet.

What — were you guys out on a three-week bender instead of working on your designs? “Oh, dudes! Crap! We forgot about the quarter!” “That’s ok, man. Just send in this map. It’ll be fine.”

I’m not even from Michigan and it took me less than three seconds to consider that Henry Ford might have been someone worth touting. I’m sure that if you asked people who actually live in your state, you could have come up with something slightly more interesting than its outline and neighboring lakes. Look, it’s not like our quarter is any good either, but at least someone attempted to put a little thought into it.

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Michigan Quarter, cheese free since 2004.


They could have honored Mr. Kellogg and his nuthouse (um, make that “sanitarium”). And don’t forget Da Yoopers.


On second look, maybe it’s not a map. It’s a stylized penguin. He’s walking toward the left, his little wing is out, and those things behind him are – well, never mind what they are. It’s a penguin, I tell ya.