Election Day

Tuesday, February 17th, 2004 | Life in Czeltistan

So. Election Day then. Gee, you’d never know it by the six messages I had on my machine last night from candidates “reminding” me to vote for them today. (Remind?? How about ask? Oh, and Ald. Mike D’Amato — no fucking chance, pal. I didn’t vote for you last time and if you were the only guy on the ballot this time, I’d spend my day rallying support for a write-in. We’ve had plenty enough gentrification, condo building and parking spot loss on our side of town, you jerkoff. I think it’s time for a little change.) (Ok. I’m done now.)

I love the fact that one of the two Edwards calls I got was from a state rep whose main argument to try to get me to vote for Edwards was that he was endorsed by the Journal Sentinel.

Oh, the newspaper endorsed him? Well that caps it. I’m going to vote for him right now! I suppose that used to mean something back in the days when the paper had some journalistic integrity, but not any more. My guess is that they’ve got a really pretty picture of him they hope to be able to run a lot. (Sad, actually. It used to be two pretty good papers. The merger and subsequent revisions of its design and content really killed it, though. No one needed another USA Today, and yet we got one.)

But enough kvetching. I’ll be voting over my lunch hour (I’m still trying to make a final decision on my mayoral vote). Any of you other Wisconsinites who haven’t made it to the polls yet, get yer butts over there. (Folks in West Allis, Greenfield and Greendale, there’s a fellow Czelt on your ballots. He’ll do fine things for your community.) Remember — if you don’t vote, you can’t bitch.

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For a time, after about 75% of the vote was in, Wes Clark was ahead of Al Sharpton. Why are he and Kucinich still around? For the glory?

czeltic girl

Update: My fellow Czelt took his district in a landslide. (Paragraphs 4-9, yo.)

Good job, Dan.

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