Monday, March 8th, 2004 | Life in Czeltistan

Whew. Busy week last week. Actually, it was more hectic than busy. Busy I can deal with. Busy I like. But hectic? Oy.

At our old space, we used to have these aluminum letters above the front door that spelled out Hanson Dodge. For some reason, these letters — which we’re not currently using for anything — have been sitting on my boss’ desk. People come by and make them into funny sayings every day or so.

When I left on Friday, they said this. Guess it’s our tech team’s boss’ way of saying thanks for helping him out last week. (See previous paragraph re: hectic.) Yeah. I rock.

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Still, the best arrangement was “Honed Gonads.” Although the absence of the last of the infamous D’s that plagued our workplace was worth a celebratory anagram, to be sure.

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