Thursday, April 1st, 2004 | Fun With Teh Intarweb

The Powers That Be have created a cool new site you should go check out. It’s called MondoFilter.

From Mondo’s welcome page:

What’s MondoFilter? It’s an attempt at a comprehensive list of collaborative sites on the web. Why MondoFilter? MondoFilter is named in honor of our favorite *Filter (and one of the founders of the breed), Metafilter.com. While Metafilter is a great first stop sometimes you need something different or if Metafilter is having a slow day, something more. Or [squeamish Mefites might want to stop reading right now] Metafilter might be down at the moment and you just need a fix. You can use the web links section below to reach other collaborative blogs. You can also suggest new sites for us to link to. We have already added some, striving to link to established sites that are frequently updated (one year old and fresh content within 15 days was the general rule).

And, while there don’t seem to be usernumber, if there were, I’d finally get to have a single-digit *Filter number. Joy!

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There are user numbers but they don’t show up very often. You’re #4 btw.

czeltic girl

Sweet. I’m the Brett Favre of MondoFilter.

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