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Thursday, April 1st, 2004 | Life in Czeltistan

I’m a little pokey when it comes to reading certain sections of my Sunday paper. I often don’t get to the feature sections until Tuesday or Wednesday. So Tuesday night, I pick up the Journal’s “Entree” section, which is a combination of the old “Food” and “Homes” sections.

Every week they feature some foofy local house, do a little story on its owner and show some photos. I rarely ever read it, since I don’t have much interest in what the rich are doing vis-a-vis decorating these days.

But this week, I glanced at the story. I looked at the large photo on the top of the page of the dining room and thought “Hey, those windows look just like the ones in my friend Andy’s house.” Then I saw a smaller photo of the kitchen just below it and it occurred to me that this was Andy’s house.

I wholeheartedly agree with him that the den is the most fabulous room in the house. I would live there if I could. (Hell, I could live in the back section of the house and it would probably be weeks before Andy even noticed anyone was back there. The place is huge.)

And apparently it’s been awhile since I’ve spoken with Mr. Andy (maybe as long as a year), since I see there’s no mention of the wife anywhere in the article and they refer to him as “a single guy.” Hmm. Curioser and curiouser.

Oh, and he really does throw Halloween parties for 400. I’ve been to them. They’re a riot.

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We’re having the next MeFi meetup at Andy’s house.


Sweet! Czeltic Girl, you’d better notify Andy about hosting the next meet-up. :)

czeltic girl

Pfft — that house is so huge we could probably just have it there and he wouldn’t even notice it. Now we just have to figure out how to get in…


Oh, like you and I would have a problem with that….

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