Must I attract the stalkers?

Friday, April 2nd, 2004 | Life in Czeltistan

Feelin’ a little hungover this morning.

About halfway through the hockey game last night, a guy I used to date decided to plop himself down with us. He was half in the bag when he arrived and proceeded to spend the remainder of the evening alternating between one of the following topics: a) the good ol’ days when we all used to hang out together, b) why I should go out with him again, c) why he deserved the mother of all good-night kisses from me or, d) that my row-mate and I should just quit kidding ourselves and finally start dating. (Nothing against my row-mate, but we’re not exactly each other’s type.)

I had to throw beer at the problem. Deaden the pain and all, you know. It was really the only solution. It worked pretty well, but I’m feelin’ it today. Bleargh.

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Is “bleargh” the Czetlc spelling of “blarg?” or maybe “blog?”


We can put the head-punching posse on the case, if you’d like.

Tazja Lovecraft

The solution is simple. Tell StalkerBoy(tm) that all he needs to do to gain your favor is to run out onto the ice when the next big fight breaks out. If by some miracle he survives, tell him he must have hallucinated your telling him that.

czeltic girl

He used to play and ref hockey. I don’t think it’d work. He (unfortunately) knows better than to run onto the ice.

And Sam, thanks for the posse offer, but if anyone’s gonna punch him in the head, I’d like it to be me. :-)

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