Monday, April 5th, 2004 | Joss Whedon-y Goodness

Looks like Wonderfalls has been cancelled.

Thanks, Fox. Good job on giving it a whole 4 episodes and a timeslot change to gather a following. You halfwits.

I think I’m just going to stop watching any interesting new shows on Fox. That way I can’t be disappointed when they inevitably get cancelled before their time.

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Tazja Lovecraft

Man, I was really hoping to see that show, it looked really interesting.
Our satellite TV won’t let us get FOX, even.
Guess I’m not missing out on much.

czeltic girl

You’re only missing out on the inevitable heartbreak and loss that comes with liking a well-written Fox show.

Tazja Lovecraft

Same with liking a well-written SciFi show, usually. Although the 4-hour Farscape miniseries is a bit of a bright spot in that blur of cancelled shows… (The Chronicle, Invisible Man, Farscape…)

And speaking of Fox, I still miss X-files. I wish they’d make another movie.

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