Tuesday, April 6th, 2004 | Life in Czeltistan

Y’know. I don’t think I ever posted this photo from our studio St. Pat’s party.

No. There was no alcohol involved. None at all.

That’s Steelbuddha in the elf head, in case you’re wondering, and one of our Flash designers (and last year’s intern) modeling some fine 80s wear we found in the storage locker.

My cube is pretty much under that hanging light in the background. If the angle was just slightly different, you could see my little Aer Lingus jet sticking up over the wall. When that fire signal light next to the exit sign goes off, it scares the bejeesus out of me. Every time.

Ok. That’s all I’ve got today. Now I’m off to what will be my final regular-season hockey game of the season. (I’ll miss Friday’s game. The brother is going in my place.) Playoffs, here we come!

Related note: Our team’s coach was named AHL Coach of the Year. Sweet. Way to go, Claude.

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I can accept the elf head, but 80s wear in the storage locker? Back away slowly from the storage locker…

Tazja Lovecraft

I always suspected that Chris was really an overgrown elf. Either that, or a leprechaun. Or both.

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