Ok. I lied.

Thursday, April 8th, 2004 | Fun With Teh Intarweb

I’ve got nothing. No good linkage for you. Sorry.

But I will leave you with a photo of the least-challenging egg hunt ever. Geez, guys. You could at least try putting it behind a tree or something.

(Image lifted from a MeFi thread.)

Have a lovely weekend. Catch you on Monday.

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Even a half day without IM seemed too much. Dammit, you Czelt, where’s your sense of responsibility to your co-workers? Off gallavanting in NY without a stockpile of links to show for it…I’m ashamed to have you on my links list.


Have fun, I guess.


Oh shit, i hit return a little too early.

czelticgirl, i just came across your site while doing one of my periodic web searches for women’s aussie rules and or gaelic football. An old entry of yours from 2002 came up. We’re starting a women’s aussie rules league in north america and there is a women’s team forming in milwuakee.

Check out http://womensfootyusa.com for more info!


Hmmm, is it my imagination or are there a couple of japanese barbie doll-sized twins hanging near that egg, getting ready to sing to it?

Mo-su-ra-YA, Mo-su-ra…

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