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Monday, April 12th, 2004 | Life in Czeltistan

I can’t wait to switch over to OSX so I can use Safari. *grumble*

I had this lovely long post about Christyl’s & my trip to NYC this weekend, but IE decided to crash before I could post it, and it got eaten.

No way am I typing that all up again, so you’re just going to have to make due with the abbreviated version. (Weep. It was such a nice post, too.)

So. New York: The Short Version.

  • We stayed at a friend-of-a-friend’s (6th floor walk-up, no right angles to be found) apartment in the West Village, which was a very convenient base for the trip.
  • Our friend Lynn also happened to be visiting the city that weekend, so we got to spend some time with her, as well as with several other friends of Christyl’s. (My friends were either out of town or couldn’t to come out to play. I didn’t even ask my NY clients if they’d be in town. Vacation, after all, you know.)
  • Yummy, yummy food was eaten including (but not definitely not limited to): Dinner at Lupa Osteria Romana (fyi — if you’re planning to stop in — which I highly recommend, their menu’s changed a little bit from what’s on line, but only by a little), snackies at Rice to Riches, lunch at Chart House in Weehawken.
  • Beverages were had every time we needed a little rest. Walk a bunch, have a pint at the nearest pub, repeat. I honestly can’t remember most of the establishments we stopped in (generally of the English/Irish variety), but we had to poke our heads in at Puck Fair, since we really liked it there last time we were in town. Also stopped in to Hue in the West Village to meet up with a friend. Kinda crowded, overpriced and trendy in there for my liking, but the company was good so it all worked out.
  • We took the tram over to Roosevelt Island and back. Just ‘coz.
  • A walk through Central Park was in order.
  • And since we walked all the way up there, we had to stop in at the Guggenheim for “pay what you wish night” on Friday. (Why don’t we have that here?)
  • Saturday morning we did the 3-hour Circle Line boat tour around the island. It was a bit brisk out on the water, but it was fun.
  • Lush on 34th & Broadway was a must. We were very well-behaved. I think each of us only walked out of there with 2 or 3 items. (Vidiot: If B likes the Bath & Body Works stuff, she’ll love this stuff. Plus, the sales people here are less-intimidating and the stuff’s all natural. Check it out.)
  • Other fun included: Some penny squishing; a trip to the Art-o-mat in ABC Carpet & Home on Broadway & 19th; walking through many of the neighborhoods between the Upper East Side, Times Square, the Village and Little Italy/Chinatown; an attempt at stopping by the U.N. (line was way too long, so we went to the pub instead); and a stop at every dog we passed along the way so Christyl could pet them.

A successful trip, I’d say.

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There is a Pay What You Can night at the Skylight Theater, as well as at a couple of the other local stages. It would be nice if the Museum did it, though.
Welcome back.

czeltic girl

The Museum’s actually got the best deal in town: Free admission on Mondays with ID that sez you live in the county.

Of course, they’re pretty much open on Mondays when most people are at work, but if you’ve got the day off, it’s a helluva deal.

But it sure would be nice if the Art Museum would hop on the “pay what you wish” bandwagon. C’mon MAM, all the cool kids are doing it… :-)


As it happens I did the Circle Line on Friday – our supposed meet up day. We had 7 adults and 5 kids – that’s a lot of hot dogs and beer on the boat!

Maybe next time….


Don’t mean to be contrary, but Safari won’t necessarily solve that problem.

IE is like that kid that hung out with you in elementary school. He was *always* around, but he kind of smelled bad and never had anything interesteing to say. Most times, you could tolerate him, but once in a while he’d get all enervated about something (in a blind rage of the idiot sort of way) and you’d wish your parents had bought you that tranquilizer gun.

Unfortunately, his folks were so rich that he had all the best toys and you were willing to subject yourself to slow deterioration of your brain tissue just to play that TurboGrafx.

Maybe I should get a blog for things like this…;)


Hey, thanks for the namecheck, and I’m sorry I missed y’all. And I’ll check out Lush — it’s right where I get off the subway to go to work, and two blocks from my office.


OMG, CZ darling, why are you using IE? Please tell me you’re the last one. Do you know what IE Mac does to web pages? It’s FIVE YEARS OLD. I’m very sorry to hear you’re stuck with OS9 but there *are* alternatives, there is a Mozilla that ran just fine on my old beige 9G3. Go here and scroll down to Mozilla 1.2.1 – Released December 2, 2002.

Your trip to NYC sounds DREAMY!!!! Did you go to Kate’s Paperie? Photos?

czeltic girl

You are my hero, Miriam! I’ve been searching, albeit not that hard, for old Mozilla releases, but coming up short. (So much for my research skills.) I kind of gave up the search a few weeks back when I was told my OSX was “on its way.” Turns out that’s some kind of code for “we’re negotiating bulk prices. It could be awhile.” *grumble*


Yay! I’m sooo glad. One more IE dead. Better still, IE Mac. Whew! You should see what our stuff looks like on it. XHTML1.0 strict, CSS.. Forget it. I’m amazed at how much of the design industry is stuck on old stuff like that… because if they upgrade one, they have to do them all. My brother works for a Major Magazine Publisher in NYC and he’s still working with Illustrator EIGHT and constantly has issues with printers, etc. because of it. What scares me is that I think they do their web in house, all designed for Mac IE because that’s what they’ve got…

czeltic girl

We’re still on Quark 4…

Upgrades are “coming soon.” It’s gonna be a rough couple of weeks here when the OSX upgrade happens.

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